Top 10 network mistakes


Some network mistakes turn up over and over again—these mistakes cost organizations money, time, and even loyal customers.

What these mistakes all have in common is that they mainly reflect a lack of planning. A network that runs smoothly and delivers top performance with minimal downtime takes thought, organization, an awareness of current technology, and a plan.

Here we present ten common pitfalls that many network administrators fall into. If you pay attention, you don’t have to fall into them, too.

  1. Insufficient technical support
  2. Neglecting physical security
  3. Non-standard construction
  4. Not educating network users
  5. Incomplete record keeping
  6. Inadequate backups
  7. Underutilising the network
  8. Overzealous cost cutting
  9. Failure to standardise
  10. Not staying up-to-dateIn conclusion

Although a network is virtually indispensable in today’s business environment, there are many ways to inadvertently sabotage it, creating unnecessary expense, frustration, and downtime. The best way to avoid the many network pitfalls is through careful planning, meticulous organization, and a willingness to ask for professional help when it’s called for.

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