1. Insufficient technical support


In the middle of a busy business day, the network goes down and your support staff is either nowhere to be found or unable to deal with the problem.

Even the most perfect, well-planned network will eventually have difficulties leading to downtime. It’s the nature of beast that downtime always occurs at the most critical and inconvenient times and especially over holiday weekends. That’s why—if your network is vital to your operation—you need to have an experienced tech available 24/7.

Small businesses in particular often don’t have enough support staff or have insufficiently trained support staff—too many
small companies still rely on a staff member who’s “good with computers” but has no real training. This worked to some extent in the days when computers were a lot simpler, but today’s dense, high-speed network environment requires a lot more expertise.

The tech support problem can usually be worked around by contracting with a service that provides network support and is always on call. There are other advantages to working with a network services company. For instance, they can often also manage network installation and act as partners who are knowledgeable about current network technology and can make the network more efficient and cost effective.


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