5. Incomplete record keeping


Speaking of disasters, when disaster strikes and destroys network equipment, you need accurate records to restore the network to its pre-disaster state. Records are not the same as backups—backups are about the data on the network, records are about the network itself.

Although chances are good you won’t have a disaster, you will definitely eventually need to restore server settings or restore a PC’s operating system. Good records make recovery after any difficulty, no matter how large or small, much smoother.

It’s important to keep up-to-date records of every device on the network: every computer, every server, every switch, and every bit of cabling. In short, you need a record of everything. Keep regular logs, both manually and with devices that log automatically.

Good records pay for themselves many times over in saved time and frustration when you’re troubleshooting a problem. With complete and well-organized records, you know exactly what hardware and software is installed, what software patches have been applied, where and when your data has been backed up, and exactly where your cables go.


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