6. Inadequate backups


Even though disk space is cheap and backups can be automated, a common network mistake is inadequate data backup. Backing up data isn’t difficult, but it’s sometimes pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Often backup routines are in place, but aren’t changed with evolving technology, until suddenly something breaks down, the backup is found to be inadequate, and critical data is lost.

Critical data loss can bring an organization to a halt in an instant, so it’s important to back up regularly and automatically and to make sure that you’ve backed up the right data and that it’s quickly accessible. If at all possible, backups should be kept off-site.

It’s important to schedule frequent network backups and to regularly test the backups to ensure data integrity. Backups do more than just protect against data loss from equipment breakdown—they should also protect from data loss from natural
or man-made disaster, so that if there’s a major catastrophe such as tornado, earthquake, fire, or flood, critical data is retained.


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